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"With Maestro Attardi Clean Classicism Reigned"

"With a clean classical aesthetic, Mozart's Symphony unfolded in its four movements with a calm clarity that Attardi directed toward measured dynamics, vigorous and indulgent in his classical interpretation of the Minuet, a bit more animated in the conclusive Presto. The linear compactness of the Bohemian Orchestra of Prague and the particularity of certain dramatic harshnesses from the choral ensemble integrated well in the most evident moments of tension in Mozart's Requiem, for instance, the Dies irae, the expressive Lacrymosa – which Attardi rendered with care – and the restless epilogue.
Sara Patera, Giornale di Sicilia

"Attardi Gives His Best with Sgambati"

"Conductor Francesco Attardi marries the cause of a musicologist with the ardor of a missionary and the thoughtfulness of a teacher. These three souls conquered the podium of the Cantelli Society. His gesture is measured, his gaze watchful, his body almost motionless; the ardor is internal. L'Orchestra Sinfonica d'Italia is highly concentrated. Attardi succeeded in giving stylistic cohesiveness to a score of transition
Elsa Airoldi Il Giornale

"A Fiery Spain and the Charm of De Falla"

"The precise conducting of Francesco Attardi certainly prefers the festive joys of Mediterranean vitality; and so, after the prolonged applause from the audience in the vast auditorium of the Greek Theatre in Taormina, he revived the first page of the De Falla with bright colors and fiery passions of a Spain that resembles us".
Sergio Sciacca, La Sicilia

Donizetti's Requiem in Homage to Toscanini

The serene atmosphere Francesco Attardi – along with solid soloists and the orchestra and chorus – evoked with elegance was not without passion. The musical pleas cannot go unnoticed by the eyes of the Eternal. It was a crowded room and there was a lot of applauding.
Carla Maria Casanova, Gazzetta del Sud

"The Merry Widow"Returns Home After 104 Years

One-hundred four years ago, The Merry Widow debuted in Italy, at the Teatro dal Verme. Its return to the same theater was lead by Francesco Attardi, a conductor trained in Salzburg and the US who is appreciated in all the world and who has brought Italian bel canto to Prague, Japan, Spain, and Havana.
Enrico Parola Corriere della Sera